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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Broken by D.M. McDaniel

BrokenBroken by D.M. McDaniel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From Goodreads:
Solomon is broken. Well, that is what her ex-husband told her numerous times after discovering she could not conceive. After catching her husband in bed with another woman, she returns to her hometown, Rock Hill, SC, and starts her life over as a medical biller hell bent to remain in her safe little bubble, ruled by her Siamese cat, Izzy.

Everything is smooth sailing in her protective bubble. Solomon is content to cut off her man-dar switch and live a life without worrying about a man breaking her heart...until a mysterious new neighbor moves into the house that has been vacant since her elderly neighbor passed away four years ago. Then a new physician starting at her office has his sights on her.

Both men know the secret behind Solomon's broken life. Will she be able to handle the news?

My Review:

I really got into the book from the first chapter. Soloman is a woman who believes she is not worthy of the love she should have gotten from her previous marriage when infact she is stronger then she knows. When the two men Xavier and Drake come into her life Solomon has to trust in herself that she is worthy of love and being more then just a mere human when she is something more special then she gives herself credit for. I really love this storyline because it brings out all my favorite paranormal genre (shapeshifters,vampires & the fallen). Broken is a story of love, loss & strength and a story that once you start one the 1st page you will not want to put it down. Once I was deep into the story I didn't want it to end and was sad to see these characters leave. I am excited to see more from this wonderful author.


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