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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

Urban Fantasy

THE ISIS COLLAR - a Blood Singer Novel

Cat Adams

As if part-siren/part-vampire Celia Graves didn't have enough to worry about, now she must face a zombie plague! Adams takes creepy to a whole new level with this intense and enthralling adventure. Celia's relationships, romantic or not, continue to force her to grow in ways she never expected. UF doesn't get much better than this!

SUMMARY: A clairvoyant gives Celia a warning about a magical bomb set to explode at a local elementary school. A frustrated Celia can't get the principal to listen before the bomb explodes. At first the magical bomb doesn'tseem to do extensive damage, but then a persistent bruise on Celia's leg turns out to be the first signs of a deadly zombie plague. Who set the bomb and why? The dark and intricate magic is like no spell Celia or John Creede has seen before. Adding to Celia'sissues, her alcoholic mother has broken out of her siren prison, and then Creede disappears. As the virus spreads, Celia and her allies must uncover who is really behind this nightmare in order to stop it. (TOR, 384 pp., $14.99) Jill M. Smith

Intriguing, huh...? For those who love Bruno, never fear! He also plays a starring role in this book.

Realse date March 13,2012

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crystal Cattabriga giveaway

Spread the word: A swag giveaway starting Nov 1st. To be eligible just join my authors page.. Here is what I'll be giving away..........
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November 1st- 3 key chains to giveaway
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November 30th is the grand prize. One lucky winner will get a big basket of goodies which include my new release, key chain, mouse pad, bookmark, tote bag and four other gifts that Bobby used on his journey through the book..
And here's a bonus in between these dates there will be bookmarks given away.

Author Crystal Cattabriga

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, niece, grandaughter, and a friend to those who know me.

Crystal Facebook page is

New Giveaway

Since the 1st giveaway was so good I am doing a another giveaway I have been given 4 Anna Strong Magnets with the help of Rafflecopter all you have to do is follow instruction below to win Giveaway closes on 11/25/11 good luck

Review of Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna #1)Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna Dressed in Blood was a really good book and in the begaining it was scarey and the seventh chapter it really freaked me out Kendare Blake is a really wonderful writer this is a must read I am really glad I won this book..

Cas Lowood isn't just any normal teenager missing his dead father and follows his footsteps in family job. Cas with the help of is father's athame Cas puts killer spirts to rest. After Cas father is killed while on a job, Cas picks up where his father left off. With the help of his dad friends Cas trains and learns what he needs to know to take out the evil that killed his father but while Cas is waiting his time to do that Cas travels out the country with his kitchen witch mother and his a cat that can sniff out any spirts in there home. After Cas takes out the killer hitchhiker Cas is giving a tip of a Spirts that kills anybody that goes in her home Cas takes in intrest in this Killer Spirt Anna a girl that was killed and body dumped and wears a white dress filled with blood. Cas is used to doing things on his own Cas and his killer athame is not just going to do the job. Cas has always been a loner because he never stays in the same place however this time things are different and when Cas makes friends in this small town Cas realizes that having friends and people that care about him is not too bad. Anna is not just some killer spirit but a girl was killed because she wanted out of her mothers house. With the help of Cas and his friends Anna is able to leave her home and take out a Evil Spirit that has haunted Cas since the death of his father.

Anna Dressed in Blood was a very good read and I could not put it down and is very scarey book alot of other readers have said that Possess was a scarey book but I think this book was way more scarey and freaked me out for the first part of the story. That made me enjoy the book even more it is like going to a scarey movie and covering your eyes cause you don't wanna see but still open your fingers alittle bit just cause you can't help in still looking. The way Kendare Blake writes this book is very descriptive and detailed and Kendare has a way that opens your eyes to what is going on and when Cas first sees Anna was the best part for me and it kept me wanting to continue to read and not put it down but reading alone when it is quiet is the best way to get the most out of this story. Kendare Blake

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Review of Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence (Hush, Hush, #3)Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read reviews of Silence from other reviewers and even thou some did not agree with how Becca wrote this storyline I liked it only because it had been a while since I read Crescendo and needed to be reminded on what happened and like Nora I also felt a sense of memory loss and needed to remember what happened. The story starts with Nora waking up in the cememtry and is confused on how she got there and the change of the seasons. The first couple of chapters is Nora going to the hospital and going home and trying to rememeber everything that happened and is feeling so lost and confused since she was gone for 4 months and doesn't not know where she was and what lead her to disappear. Nora is smart to trust her gut since she feels like her mom along with her bestie Vee is hiding things from her and for once in ther life I think Nora doesn't trust Vee or her mom since Nora finds out her mom is dating Hank her arch enemy Marcie's father. Nora is a very strong person but I get from the story that she is feeling lost in a world that no longer includes her. This makes Nora more determined to find out what happened to her and struggles to get her memory back and figure out what happened once and for all. Nora dreams are also not helping since she is dreaming of Jev someone that helped her out of a sticky situation she got herself in after a horrible dinner with her mom and Hank. Nora is also getting help from Scott a Nephilim she grew up that she thought was just a kid she played with Scott is at least someone that is giving her answers as to what happend and little by little with the help of Scott Nora starts to uncover what really happened to her. Jev however is trying to play the "I am a bad guy don't trust me" persona. I don't wanna give away alot of details but. Silence was a wonderful read and I am "Team Patch" all the way even if you read Crescendo and remember what happened you will enjoy Silence I did and brings back all the love that Nora & Patch have for each other and ending will be for me it was a good suprise and makes me wanting to read the last book.. Becca Fitzpatrick

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Giveaway has closed since there was only 1 person that sent someone will have to pick a winner thru will post winner on my blog along with my facebook page