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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A paranormal book as popular as Bloodlines but wonderfully different from the rest.

Bridget Liu 15 years old just wants to be normal teenager and when her father is murder by a mental patient Bridget starts being able to do things a normal teen would not be able to do. Bridget is able to banish demons from a home or from a person and with the training and help of Father Monsignor Bridget power is growing. However so is the demonic present in
San Francisco and when the Vatican send there own Priest Father Santos. Bridget exorcism are scarying her more and more due to what the demons are telling her. With Bridget having nobody to talk to she is tried many times to open up to her buddies but she is scared of what they will think of her as a freak Bridget is also trying to deal with the advances of childhood friend Matt. When her friend is murdered during a dancc Bridget has no choice but to confide in Matt and with his help and love Bridget is able to pull the strength that is inside of her to figure out what is causing the demonic present and when a demon spirt warns her not to trust a priest Bridget is torn on who to can trust. With the help of Matt and her little brother Sammy, Bridget is able to use her smarts to find out the truth about her heritage and why her father died. Possess is a look into a different part of paranormal activity that scares people and if you haven't experience it you would not be a believer however as a person that has had a lot of paranormal activity happen to me Possess brought it close to home. Even thou this is not a true story it does happen every day. It is really true if you don't give it power they are not strong. I have read alot of reviews on this book and most of the reviews are wonderful however everyone kept saying it scared them me *laughs* I like it and maybe I am little more jaded then most people it didn't scare me and thought is was a well written well reasearched book and I would like to follow Bridget story and her Little Brother Sammy and his growing powers. Thanks Gretchen for a wonderful book

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Anonymous said...

Great review,Connie !! I loved Posses !! It was a great read !