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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Always a Witch

Always a Witch (Witch, #2)Always a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Carolyn MacCullough

I was really sad to see this story end. I was really hoping for a couple of more stories from the Greene family. The story starts off with the ending of Once a Witch Tasmin Greene getting ready for her sister Rowenda wedding. Tasmin is the Keeper of the Domain and after a attack on the house to save her family and the future Tasmin is forced to go back to the past to fix what will harm the future. Tasmin alone goes back to nineteenth century to warn her family of what the Knight family is doing and to prevent Alistar to get the Domain that he has been trying to get. It takes awhile for Tasmin to get what she needed and Alistar showing up made things hard for her but the ever clever Gabriel shows up and Tasmin really can't do anything without Gabriel she should have realized she needed him from the begaining. Always a Witch was a quick read for me and I was sad for Tasmin and her Talent but the ending just felt a little to rushed for me I wished the ending was a little different then the way it went. I do recommend the book but wished for more out of it.

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